Bible Abuse Directed at Homosexuals

Overview of Supposed Biblical References to Homosexuality

If you are here imagining that you will find the seeds that have caused so much homophobic hate in society, you need to look at a different section instead. The Biblical passages below are all irrelevant, after-the-fact rationale, not cause; they are just (mis)used to justify fear and hate that is already in place.

There are, in fact, only six passages in the Bible (seven if you include apocryphal books, which Catholic/Orthodox/Slavonic Bibles do) that are used in an effort to condemn homosexuals (often referred to as “clobber passages”). There are also four passages, invariably ignored by those who sow hate against homosexuals, which show the inclusivity of God’s love. This site examines each.

In all Bibles there is one reference telling the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Jude also refers to it (although Judges 19:14-29 includes a tale suspiciously similar to that of Sodom but supposedly five hundred years later); there are two references supposedly to gay sex in Leviticus, and three by the apostle Paul. These are:

In addition – and ignored by those who try so hard to condemn homosexuality – there are four references, all in the New Testament that, because they involve Jesus’ own words and teachings, should perhaps be taken to give a genuine Christian attitude on the subject:

It makes sense to take these in turn; the first discusses Genesis, Jude, and Judges.